When did Night Stalker Richard Ramirez stay at the Cecil Hotel?

RICHARD Ramirez killed at least 14 people and attacked dozens more before he was captured in 1985.

Also known as the Night Stalker, the notorious serial killer stayed for a time at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, which has a dark and sordid history.

When did Night Stalker Richard Ramirez stay at the Cecil Hotel?

It is believed that Richard Ramirez stayed at the Cecil Hotel in 1985 near the end of his reign of terror.

"The Night Stalker didn’t prey on people here, he just hung out because he fit in," Kim Cooper, who conducts tours of the hotel, told The Sun.

The hotel was erected in the 1920s and eventually became a place to sleep for people who were down on their luck.

The popular anthology series American Horror Story featured the hotel in season five.

“At the Cecil there would be pensioners, single people, drug and alcohol users. It was just where poor people lived," said Cooper.

Ramirez spent 23 years on death row after being arrested and he died behind bars in 2013.

What other serial killers have stayed at the Cecil Hotel?

Jack Unterweger was a serial killer who murdered people in multiple countries, including the US.

An Austrian journalist, Unterweger stayed at the Cecil Hotel in 1991, possibly because of its connection to Ramirez, according to Medium.

Unterweger targeted prostitutes and was suspected of killing women in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Los Angeles.

He was convicted of murder but was released on parole in 1990 before embarking on a killing spree.

Unterweger was convicted of 11 murders by an Austrian court in 1994 and sentenced to life in prison.

He would hang himself in prison that same year.

What happened to Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel?

Elisa Lam was found dead in a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles on February 19, 2013.

A new documentary focuses on the tragic circumstances surrounding her death. 

Investigators found that Lam had stepped into an elevator on the day of her disappearance, which was nearly three weeks before.

Her body was found after guests in the hotel complained about low water pressure and a weird taste in the tap water.

A coroner issued a finding of accidental drowning, with bipolar disorder as a significant factor.

No arrests have been made in connection with her death.

Is the Cecil Hotel still open?

 The embattled Cecil Hotel is no longer open for business.

It was announced in 2016 that the hotel would have a $100million renovation.

“We are gutting the entire building,” Matthew Baron of Simon Baron Development told the Los Angeles Times at the time.

“We are going to redevelop it from the doorway to the roof and everything in between.”

Baron added: “We really think it’s a fantastic location – the center where everything is happening,”

There is no word on a possible reopening.

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