Who were Stephen Port's victims?

NEW BBC crime drama Four Lives will tell the story of serial killer Stephen Port who murdered four young men he met on Grindr, the gay dating app.

The show aims to focus on the perspectives of his four victims – but who were they?

Who were Stephen Port's victims?

Anthony Walgate

Stephen Port was found guilty of the murders of four men and Anthony Walgate was his first victim.

He was a student who had dreams of being a famous fashion designer.

Living away from his family home in Hull, he occasionally worked as an escort through a website called Sleepyboys to earn some extra money.

It was there he was contacted by Port, who offered him £800 for an overnight job.

Anthony was then found dead outside Port’s flat in Barking east London on June 19 2014 after being given a fatal dose of GHB.

Port had pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice in relation Mr Walgate's death and was sentenced to eight months imprisonment.

But, by the time Port was jailed, he had gone on to claim the lives of another two young men.

Gabriel Kovari

Gabriel Kovari, 22 was his second victim.

He had moved to London from Slovakia and had briefly lived with Port.

After meeting one of his Port's neighbours the day after he moved in, Mr Kovari text him to say "Stephen is not a nice person".

The neighbour texted Port to ask how Mr Kovari was doing, but he replied that he had left.

It wasn't long until Mr Kovari's body was found slumped against a wall in the graveyard near Port's flat.

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Daniel Whitworth

21-year-old chef Daniel Whitworth was found dead with an forged suicide note in a churchyard near Port's homeCredit: pixel GRG

Port's third victim, Mr Whitworth was a chef and had worked at up-market locations in London such as One Moorgate Place and Canary Warf.

Mr Whitworth was signed up to a dating site called Fitlads and began talking to Port on there.

About a month later, he was found dead in the Barking churchyard next to a fake suicide note, written by Port.

Like Port's first two victims, Mr Whitworth had died of GHB poisoning.

Jack Taylor

Port killed again just three months after being released from prison, in September 2015, when night shift forklift truck driver Jack Taylor was found dead.

The final victim lived at home with his parents and he had two sisters. He was not thought to be openly gay and had a number of girlfriends in the past.

Mr Taylor was discovered in the same spot in the church graveyard as Gabriel Kovari and Daniel Whitworth, but police made no link and put the death down to a drug overdose.

His family refused to accept this story and pursed their own inquiries.

A month after his body was found, Port was arrested on suspicion of causing the deaths of all four of his victims by administering poison.

The family members of the four victims recently blasted Met cops who investigated their deaths as "unfit for duty".

It was ruled at an inquest earlier this month that "fundamental failures" by police into the death of Port's first victim, Anthony Walgate, probably contributed to the death of Gabriel Kovari, the second young man to die at his hand.

Will Stephen Port be released from prison?

Port was jailed in November 2016 for drugging and murdering men he met on gay dating app Grindr before dumping their bodies in a graveyard

Although his crimes are known as the Grindr Murders, they are also called the Barking Murders after the town where they occurred.

Port was given a life sentence with a whole life order.

He is one of 60 prisoners in the UK serving such sentence, which means he will die behind bars.

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