Anton du Beke: Strictly pro shares fears after ‘teasing’ ex-partners ‘I have to apologise’

Strictly: Anton reveals Ruth Langsford 'teared up' in training

Anton du Beke, 54, has revealed he gets “anxiety” about offending people after welcoming his twins, George and Henrietta, into the world with wife Hannah Summers. The star opened up on his concerns after revealing he tends to “tease” his former Strictly Come Dancing partners on stage during his tours.

Anton explained: “I have this anxiety that I never used to have now, maybe it’s because I’ve had children.

“I really, really, hate more than anything else – it makes me ill if I’ve upset somebody unwittingly.

“Say if I’ve said something idiotically, often you say things and you don’t mean it to come out the way it comes out.

“I’m not one of those people who says something cruel and goes, ‘Im only joking,’ I’m not one of those people, those people are the most annoying people in the world, I hate all that!”

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Anton went on to address times where he has poked fun at his ex-celebrity partners, but insisted he always wants the stars to be in on the joke.

He continued: “But if I have upset someone by saying something or doing something… because I’m not mean.

“Even if I’m teasing my ex-partners on stage or something and they’ll be in the room – I’ve had Judy Murray in the room and I’m telling stories about her and teasing her.

“And Ruth Langford, who I love, will be in the room in the theatre and I want everyone to be in on it, so we’re all together and enjoying the moment.”


Although Anton is careful not to offend his former dance partners, he admitted he will “apologise immediately” if he has upset anyone.

The dancer added during a recent appearance on Paul McKenna’s Positivity Podcast: “But if somebody takes offence at something I’ve said, I get really upset about that and I have to apologise immediately.” 

Anton has been on Strictly since the BBC show’s first series and has danced with stars including Kate Garraway, Ann Widdecombe and Emma Barton.

Elsewhere, the King of Ballroom discussed his earlier days in dancing, branding an ex-dance partner a “nightmare”, before his dance teacher told him off for his comments.

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Anton explained: “Two things really, something my mum has always said to me growing up and one something my old teacher used to say to me.

“He used to say, ‘Get better’. 

“I used to come in for a lesson and he’d say, ‘How did it go at the weekend?’ after a competition somewhere.

“[I’d say] ‘Oh, terrible’. And I used to go like this, ‘She was a nightmare’ – my partner.

“[Or I’d say] ‘It was a terrible result, I can’t understand why he beat me? I was so much better than they are. He beat us.’ Complained about everything.”

He added on the Life and Soul podcast with Emma Forbes: “After a period of time he went, ‘Every week we come in for a lesson and every week you tell me it’s somebody else’s fault.

“‘You’ve never once told me it’s your fault,’ I said, ‘How very dare you’.”

It’s unclear who Anton was referring to, however his best known long-term dance partner is former Strictly pro Erin Boag, 45.

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