Best last-minute Christmas gifts for Dad 2021: what to buy for every type of father

AS MUCH as we try to prepare, sometimes we can’t help but visit the stores last minute in hopes of finding the perfect present for that special someone.

If this happens to be you this year, don’t fret – here are 10 last-minute Christmas gifts for the father in your life.


PRICE: $10 – $130

If you know a father who’s always building something or working on a home project, a multi-tool is the way to go. 

This Leatherman multi-tool includes 21 common tools meant to help get even the toughest jobs done more efficiently.

As one of the largest multi-tools the brand offers, the price is set at $129.95, but Home Depot has plenty of options to fit all budgets. 


PRICE: $0.25 – $170

If the dad in your life is sentimental, ordering him a photo gift from Walgreens will likely put a smile on his face. 

Walgreens offers dozens of same-day options, meaning you can order a photo gift like a magnet, an album, or even a canvas print and pick it up on the same day.

Even better, Walgreens is offering 40% off everything photo through Christmas day.


PRICE: Varied

There’s nothing like seeing your favorite sports star in action. 

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If your guy is a sports fanatic, sending him to see his team in action is a fool-proof way to make his heart happy.


PRICE: $7.99 – $59.99

You can’t go wrong with getting a photography buff an accessory he can use.

While buying the dad you're shopping for a new camera might be expensive, camera accessories like lenses, straps, and stands are much more affordable.

Target offers a range of camera equipment in-stores all for under $60, but your local camera shop might be better equipped to guide you in the right direction to find the perfect gift.


PRICE: Varied

If you’ve got a father in your life that appreciates a good brew, you can’t go wrong buying him a monthly club membership so he can try all sorts of beers from various places. 

Plus, there are plenty of companies and brews to choose from, which will ensure he is matched with a service and product you know he’ll enjoy. 

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club offers 12 “hand-crafted beers each month from two different lightly distributed U.S. Microbreweries” for $31.95.

Similarly, The Craft Beer Club offers 12 craft beers a month for $44.75 per shipment. 

In between the above price points is the Beer Drop membership, which offers beers from dozens of microbreweries starting at $39.99 a month. 


PRICE: Varied

If a dad you know is really into cooking meat, something he’ll surely use and appreciate is a brand new steak knife set. 

They come in a variety of prices, so most budgets will find this present affordable. 

For instance, Bed Bath & Beyond offers a set for $39.99 while Macy’s offers a pricier option at $84.99.

Tip: If he’s really into fishing, you can get him a fish filleting knife or set instead!


PRICE: Varied 

You might not want to purchase the dad in your life a whole new laptop right now, but buying a gift card to your tech wizard’s favorite store, like Apple or Best Buy, can certainly help him find the new piece of technology he’s been itching for. 


PRICE: Varied

Does the dad in your life have a need for speed or an affinity for name-brand cars? 

Think about getting him a slot to do some laps on a local race track or live out his wildest dreams of getting behind the wheel of his favorite luxury sports car.

Groupon currently has deals that stay below the $100 price point, but price and availability vary greatly by location.


PRICE: $99 to $389

Some people can never have enough books, and if that sounds like the dad you’re shopping for, you may want to think about looking into a book club membership. 

There are plenty of clubs out there that offer monthly book deliveries for people of all ages with varied interests, so there’s no doubt that you can find the ideal read for your bookworm.

Prices are varied, as Just the Right Book offers subscriptions starting at $99 for adults and has options reaching $389. 


PRICE: Varied

If your father is an active one, make a themed nature basket that includes all of his must-have items. 

If you know him really well, you can take a stab at picking out a pair of running sneakers or hiking boots. 

Then, pair them with his favorite trail mix and on-the-go snacks, a hiking vest, a hat or gloves, a compass, a nature book, and/or a trail guide. 

After Christmas, he can go explore a new trail with his brand-new gear.

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