Donatella Versace shares her splurges for spring

Donatella Versace finds inspiration for her collections everywhere — even underwater.

She set her spring show in the imaginary sunken city of Versacepolis, with wet-haired models storming the sandy runway in the house’s vintage “Trésor de la Mer” sea-creature print. Her sparkling new women’s fragrance by EuroItalia, “Dylan Turquoise,” is also reminiscent of sea, shore and deep-blue skies.

With warmer weather around the corner, here’s a deeper dive into Versace’s sunny must-haves. 

“Lately I love the latest Dua Lipa album ‘Future Nostalgia.’ Dua is always such an inspiration: She’s so young and so talented, and, obviously, a ‘Very Versace’ woman.”

“I never use only one fragrance. My personal way of doing it is by mixing scented oils for the body with different types of fragrances so that the result is a bit different every day. I adore floral essences. I have literally hundreds of bottles of floral perfumes and oils in my home. We have just launched a new beautiful fragrance, ‘Dylan Turquoise,’ an ode to the sensuality of the Versace woman.” 

“Like everything else, I like to change, and I like new things. But I also respect traditions, and Bice in Milan has the most incredible food, and the waiter knows your order before you speak.”

“‘Trigreca’ sneakers are bold, unapologetic and will make you stand out in the crowd. So, my question is: Are you ready?” 

“Personally, I love contrasts. In my house there are always elements and styles that are superimposed.”

“‘Becoming’ is essential reading.”

“I do love mosaics.”

“I love red roses.”

“Wearing Versace is a unique style choice.”

“My favorite car is a Lamborghini.”

“I love to be surrounded by pieces that have personal meaning for me, so the objects and works of art that I have all have stories attached to them.” 

“I like the intimate atmosphere, so I often burn the new scented candles created in collaboration with Rosenthal.”

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