I was on a date with my sugar daddy when I heard the staff gossiping about us – I’m not ashamed so I confronted them

LET'S admit – we all love a bit of gossip…Until it's about us.

It is especially awkward when it's waiters gossiping about their clients, which is exactly what happened to Julia, from Florida.

In the TikTok video, which has since gone viral with over 200 thousand views, Julia can be seen enjoying a nice dinner date with her friend, when they suddenly could hear the staff ''talking smack about us being out with our sugar daddy.”

Julia's friend didn't want to stay silent, so when the waiter approached the table, she confronted him.

''By the way, that's my sugar daddy,'' she said.


''Not my uncle or my dad or anything since you guys are so curious over there.''

In an effort to apologise and make up for the comments, the waiter then treated the two women with a dessert free of charge, which was savoured.

However, a person employed in the hospitality industry didn't seem to find it amusing, writing: ''As a fellow hostess yall are way too dramatic lol we are bored & broke ok obv we gonna talk about it.''

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Another hostess added: ''They're talking either because they're jealous or this is the most interesting thing they've seen all shift.''

Someone else shared their experience: ''I remember I was out at a restaurant and this group of guys were like ''wow this is what the world has come to'' like are you paying my bills????'

There were also those who believed the waiters had given a free pudding for a reason: ''Honestly, they probably spit in your food.''

''Yessss to this but I'd be scared to eat it tbh,'' is how another TikToker felt about the situation.

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