I’m a bikini waxer and this is the trick we secretly use when a client comes in a little bit smelly down there

GETTING a bikini wax can be nerve-wracking, awkward and uncomfortable, but have you ever wondered what your waxer is thinking?

Beauticians and professional waxers are always pointing out how they’ve seen – and smelled – it all.

One bikini waxer from Chicago has revealed the secret trick she uses when a client comes in with a bad smell.

It’s really simple but very clever.

The professional waxer, who calls herself ‘thepubestylist’, shared her hack on TikTok.

She was asked: ‘The real question is what do you do with a client with a foul smell?’ to which she uploaded the video with the caption ‘You got 2 options here. Lighting a candle in your treatment room helps too.’

She said: “How to deal with other people’s body odour… I either hold my breath a lot, or, I have a little trick that my best friend's wife taught me.

“She does this because she’s in the medical field.

“So underneath your mask, you’re gonna put a little bit of Vicks.

“Hispanics swear by this.

“We use it for everything and now we’re gonna use it to cover up a bad stench.

“So just take a little bit, this stuff is spicy.”

We then see her put a little bit of Vicks on her nostrils.

She continues: “Rub it in and put your mask on.

“It’s like a minty wonderland under here.”

The majority of us only ever use Vicks for a bad cold or a blocked nose, but now we’ve seen it all.

The video has quickly racked up a whopping 4.3million views.

Many TikTok users were impressed with this hack and took to the comments to express this.

One person commented: “Yes! Vicks smells so great.”

Another said: “Vicks is the trick! Been doing it my 14 years of waxing.”

A third added: “This is so useful WHAT.”


Many TikTok users revealed that they also use this hack in a variety of other professions.

One person said: “Yes! Cops have actually done that for years when going into really bad death scenes… Who would’ve known Vicks could be used for so many things!”

Another added: “I used to be a dental assistant and I’d do this.”

A third commented: “This works wonders for middle school teachers too.”

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