Woman shares hack to get fresh food to last up to FOUR WEEKS…and the trick is to be lazy

THERE'S nothing worse than stocking up on fruit and veg only for it to go off within days.

So it's fortunate that a woman has revealed her clever hack for keeping produce fresh in the fridge for up to four weeks.

In a post on Facebook, the Australian social media user shared that she transfers groceries straight out of shopping bags and into Tupperware.

She explained: "Never wash, always store your fruit and vegetables dirty and wash them before using."

The easy trick is rooted in science – running produce under the tap can leave moisture which speeds up decay.

And following this lazier process dramatically extends the lifespan of her five-a-day.

The woman added: "You get three times longer out of your food, spinach lasts me two to three weeks. 

"Celery and cucumbers last for me up to four weeks."

She said she had also been able to keep the produce fresh with the help of Tupperware VentSmart containers.

A 1.8 litre tub currently costs around £15, while a set is priced at around £90.

They have been created to keep moisture away from their contents – reducing risk of costly wastage.

Her post was popular with fellow social media users who agreed that the boxes were "worth the money".

One person commented: "I love my VentSmart. My strawberries were in my container for three-and-a-half weeks and they were still perfectly fine to eat."

Another shared: "Everything keeps fresh for one to two weeks easily. I have been lucky to get some vegetables to stay fresh for a whole month."

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