Social media users share times they couldn't help lying

The camera DOES lie! People who claimed to be sharing ‘candid’ snaps that were anything but are called out for lying online

  • People have shared times people accidentally proved their dishonesty online
  • One snap shows a woman supposedly reaching for her phone candidly 
  • Another claims the celebrity Logan Paul was unaware tasers used electricty 

From a panoramic shot that someone claimed to have taken while dropping their phone to a botched blonde hair dye that somehow came out as a rainbow, sometimes social media posts can’t be taken at face value. 

People from around the world have shared cringe-inducing times others were caught in a lie online – with the very best collated in a gallery by Traveler Door.   

One set of images shows a woman in a a series of perfectl, smiling poses, which she claims were accidentally snapped by her laptop camera. 

Elsewhere, a mother claimed her husband had randomly snapped some photos of her with her baby that looked like they’d been professionally shot against the dramatic backdrop of a perfect sunset. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples of people who got caught out by boasting about their images … 

Beautiful? Yes. Candid? No chance. Unless this UK influencer walks around their house with a smile 24/7

This US ‘phone dropper’ forgot a simple thing, most people would resemble a fumbly, sweaty mess as their phone cascaded to the floor. And she just happened to be wearing a mini skirt too 

While puppies are wonderful things, it’s also wonderfully acceptable to take selfies without making excuses nowadays

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This photograph of a Greek beach is impressive, but considering how slowly your phone needs to move for a panorama and how quickly it falls from your hand, it’s false

Hair-raising! This botched dye job is almost impossible when you consider that depositing colour and bleaching hair are two entirely different processes

This US woman and her baby are lucky to have some perfect shots of a day in the sun, but the chances of it being accidental are zero

This US YouTuber may indeed be a ladies man, but the way this is set up seems more than a little suspicious

Poky lies! This UK household would have to have absolutely no awareness to not notice the smell of burning for a week, not to mention the smoke

This US university applicant looks lovely… but is it normal to smile as wide as you can while opening your laptop? Perhaps not

Praying for time: Oh dear, if the camera just turns itself onto timer randomly, then this US couple probably want to get that fixed

This US photo taker didn’t consider that it’s terribly unlikely anyone would be holding their phone above them while lying down, unless they like being in constant discomfort

A two-year-old who can take perfectly still and perfectly composed photos? They’ll be the next Ian Rankin!

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