Tiffany Pollard Spills on Mystery Fiancé: 'He Respects All the Glorious New York Moments' (Exclusive)

The reality star reveals what her man thinks of her TV past and whether they’ll televise their wedding.

Tiffany “New York” Pollard first hit the scene looking for a man — Flavor Flav, specifically — on “Flavor of Love.” 15 years later, she’s finally locked one down.

The HBIC of reality TV revealed back in November 2020 that she got engaged, announcing the news during an “I Love New York” reunion special. In the months since, however, she hasn’t revealed all that much about the mystery man in her life — not even sharing his name with the public.

TooFab caught up with Pollard this week to talk about her appearance on WE tv’s “The TS Madison Experience,” where we made sure she was still wearing that ring.

“Oh, absolutely, that’s not going anywhere,” she said. “We’re just as happy as the moment that we started. Our relationship feels so good and fresh and it’s just blossoming and blooming into even more love.”

“You know you’ve found your soulmate when you can just grow and be yourself around that person, and we are getting into things now where we’re starting to wedding plan,” she continued. “It’s exciting, we’re talking about what we want and what we don’t want.”

“It just feels so good and it feels so right and this is the moment that makes all those bad dates that you went on when you were a lot younger … it’s like, ‘Oh my goodness, get outta here because now I have my soulmate.'”

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Pollard has been on a ton of reality shows — and dated more than a few men — in her decade and a half in front of the cameras. It’s clear she doesn’t have too many regrets when it comes to her televised past — but what does her husband-to-be think of her reality resume?

“Well, he’s definitely proud of the mark that I’ve made for myself and he respects all the glorious New York moments, as he should,” she told TooFab. “He’s very protective. He wants to make sure I get the recognition, the respect that I deserve and he’s such a large support system to me. He’s just in my corner.”

While Pollard noted that her other half does prefer to keep things private, she acknowledged that there’s no way to keep their wedding “super contained.” When asked if they’d possibly do a TV show around the nuptials, she only said they were “probably going to compile some sort of thing and release it after the fact. Not during, but after the fact.”

Watch her announce her engagement for the first time below:

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