Kerry Katona's plastic surgery journey – from ‘s*** loads of lipo’ to ‘new boobies she can’t wait to show off’

KERRY Katona recently revealed she was “soooo happy” after having her 36EE boobs reduced in yet another transformation to her appearance.

The former Atomic Kitten star, 40, posed next to her surgeon in a black bra and told fans she “can’t wait to show them off”.

Kerry teased her intention of flaunting her “new boobies” on OnlyFans, the site that helped her bounce back from bankruptcy to reportedly becoming a millionaire.

Over the years, the singer has been very honest about her decisions to go under the knife in a bid to look younger, thinner and more busty.

She had her first boob job in 2004 after splitting up with Westlife’s Brian McFadden and has continued to use cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance ever since.

Weight gain

At the age of 18, Kerry rose to fame as part of the Liverpudlian girl group Atomic Kitten, which started in 1998. 

She stayed with the band for around two years before quitting when she was pregnant with her first child.

One month later, their hit Whole Again – which was recently remixed for the England football team – reached number one in multiple charts around the world.

After leaving, Kerry had more children and suffered from “mental health battles" and "alcohol abuse”, which contributed to her weight gain. 

By 2008, Kerry caused controversy when she had £15,000 worth of surgery just four months after giving birth to her fourth child.

The star, who was forced to declare bankruptcy five years later, had liposuction and a breast reduction – some of which was paid for by MTV.

The surgeries took Kerry, who is 5ft 3in, from 12st to eight stone, transformed her 34GG boobs into DDs and meant she could fit into size 10 clothing.

Dr Tijion Esho, a cosmetic surgeon to the stars, told the Mirror: “After having children and battling with mental health and alcohol misuse Kerry suffered large changes in her weight.

“Deciding that her weight could not be lost through diet and exercise, Kerry had her first surgical liposuction procedure which lost her over three stone.”

But a year later, Kerry’s unhealthy diet of kebabs and chips with then-husband Mark Croft – who she divorced in 2011 – left her at 10st.

Changing faces

By 2010, Kerry spoke candidly about the cosmetic procedures to change her face, in a column for OK! Magazine.

She wrote: “I got some Botox on my forehead, then I had fillers in my cheeks and stuff in my upper lip to make my lip look thicker.”

The procedures were estimated to have cost around £1,500.

'Kangaroo pouch' tummy

After having four children, Kerry’s said she was “not confident” when revealing her stomach.

To combat this, she had a Mesosculpt, costing around £650, to reduce the appearance of her stretch marks in 2011.

However, after having the non-surgical operation, she gained a stone while appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

After leaving the reality TV show in 2012, she dropped down to 9st 4lb through exercise but still wasn’t happy with how she looked.

I couldn’t get rid of a pocket of skin that hung like a kangaroo around my stomach

Kerry said: “My arms have become super toned. I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger… but I still hate my stomach.”

Later that year, Kerry’s struggle with weight led her to have liposuction for a second time and a tummy tuck to remove her loose skin.

In addition to the surgeries, which reportedly cost around £8,500, Kerry also had a “tightening procedure” on her tummy, legs and bum.

She said at the time: “No matter how much weight I lost, I couldn’t get rid of a pocket of skin that hung like a kangaroo around my stomach.”

Vampire facelift shock

In 2013, Kerry tried out a trendy new cosmetic procedure that involved injecting her blood into the face, known as the vampire facelift.

The injections, which were popularised by Kim Kardashian, were claimed to make the skin tighter and more youthful.

However, after having the £600 procedure, Kerry was less than happy with the results when her face was left bruised and her cheeks puffy. 

She complained that it left her looking “like the Elephant Man” and her face was “swelling so much” that she “didn’t recognise” herself.

Kerry told the Mirror: “I didn’t want to fall asleep because I was scared I would never wake up!”

Despite her concerns, medical professionals explained that her reaction to the treatment was normal and would reduce over time.

‘S*** load of lipo’

In 2016, Kerry suggested she went under the knife again in her battle against the bulge, stretchmarks and loose skin.

The singer announced she had “a s*** load of lipo” and “a mini tummy tuck” to fans on Twitter.

In a joke about her regular ops, Kerry tweeted: “It’s like going for an eye test these days! How very showbiz.”

She claimed the surgery was “kick up the a***” she needed to get healthier and she couldn’t wait to go to the gym.

Kerry added the hashtag #dontjudge in a plea to those who had mocked her decision to have surgery in the past and said it was needed because she had five children.

Later, in reference to Atomic Kitten’s reunion tour, the star playfully quipped: “Don’t wanna be the fat cat in the kittens!”

Stretch mark pride

In 2018, Kerry posted a revealing shot of herself in underwear to celebrate losing two stone.

It came days after she shared a close-up photo of her “beautiful stretch marks”, which she finally felt “proud” of. 

Later on Good Morning Britain, she attributed her weight loss to learning to love herself after she separated from third-husband George Kay. 

Kerry beamed with joy as she explained: “This time I’ve done it all myself.

“Honestly for me, going through a separation, being on my own and learning to love myself and being off my bipolar medication has all helped me!”

‘Boobs dragging on the floor’

In 2019, Kerry had a third operation on her boobs after feeling weight loss had left them saggy.

She had an uplift with a reduction and implants put in to make them look perkier.

On Instagram, Kerry joked that she had surgery so that “my boobies are no longer dragging on the floor”.

A friend told the Daily Star that the singer had been “down about her boobs for a while” and compared them to “a pair of shrivelled balloons”.

They also claimed Kerry wanted to reinvent herself as a sex icon so that she could do nude or sex scenes if she was ever asked.

Later she told New! magazine that her breasts had lost volume after she gave birth to her fifth child Dylan-Jorge. 

Kerry said: “After having DJ and with my weight fluctuating over the years, it feels like a good time to do it.”

Her friend claimed she wanted to get “back to the same size she was as a teenager”.

Cosmetic surgery package fury

Kerry infuriated fans in 2019 after she plugged a “Katona Package” online, which offered “2ml face filler & 1 area fat dissolving” for £699.

She claimed the promotion was after having “so many positive and kind comments” about her new look. 

One fan said: “As a mother of young girls, I can’t believe you endorse stuff like this & skinny jabs. Awful.”

Another felt she “should be promoting self-worth, not plastic surgery deals” and added: “How about an exercise and healthy eating ad instead?”

‘Full MOT’

To mark her 40th birthday later that year, Kerry revealed she was getting fillers in her jaw and fat-dissolving injections in her chin. 

She said: “I’m 40 next year and just had a full M.O.T on me face!!! And I’m loving the results … thank you ladies.”

Kerry argued the procedure was “no different to wearing heavy make-up” but expected backlash for having the cosmetic procedures done.

She wrote: “Now I know half of you are gonna have a go and say something like me being a role model blah blah…"

Other cosmetic work

Dr Tijion Esho also speculated that Kerry had Botox injections to her “forehead, glabella and crow's feet area”

He believed she had facial fillers to “maintain facial volume and prevent sagging during the dramatic weight loss and ageing process”.

The surgeon also claimed she “may have undergone lip augmentation” because they were “much more full and defined, particularly in the top lip”.

Backache from boobs

Ahead of her recent breast reduction this month, Kerry joked that her nipples were “so far down that I now trip over them”.

It followed a post where she wrote: “Not gonna lie, I can’t wait to get me some new boobies!! These are killing my back!!”

Kerry also shared a candid selfie where she had rolled up her top to reveal how her breasts had sagged and how “swollen” her tummy was.

She told Instagram fans last month: “Yep that’s me in all my glory!! No more bulls*** guys this is as [real] as it gets! No filter and no photo shop!! 

“It becomes a vicious cycle [you’re] unhappy so you eat s*** food, then become miserable, unhappy, loathing and hating your body.”

Kerry believed the swelling around her stomach was caused by her decision to stop having “skinny jabs”.

The injections are used for four weeks and it’s claimed they help people to lose weight by reducing people’s appetite.

This week, after her most recent breast reduction surgery, Kerry seemed very happy with her appearance and beamed in a photograph.

On Instagram, she wrote: “Soooo happy with my new boobies!! And yes I can’t wait to show them off.”

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