Line of Duty viewers confused as H is revealed and Kate misses a murder

LINE of Duty viewers are more confused than ever after DCI Jo Davidson was seemingly revealed as H.

The dodgy cop – who is played by actress Kelly Macdonald in the BBC crime drama – was seen logging onto a H-like chat window at the close of an explosive episode that also saw a murder and a throwback to series one.

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The shocks came thick and fast and earlier in the episode viewers were shocked as PC Ryan Pilkington murdered a fellow officer in his failed attempt to kill witness Terry Doyle.

Ryan murdered his colleague and tried to kill Terry – but he failed. With Kate suspicious of the change of route – she followed and almost caught Ryan in the process. She appeared to see the struggle but failed to later mention it.

As soon as she managed to save Terry's life – putting Ryan on the backfoot – Kate called Steve in AC12.

"The officer who saved Terry from drowning, I'm sure I've met him before," she said.

And when she told Steve, they finally looked him up together and realised who he was and started to put the pieces together.

They realised he was a criminal and how he had got into the force – and onto the murder investigation squad.

It even included a throwback from the very first series with the discovery of Terry Boyle’s fridge and with it traces of Jackie Laverty’s body still in it.

Meanwhile, Farida was put in hospital after being attacked in custody, putting an end to her evidence against Joanne.

However Joanne panicked when she realised AC12 were running a separate forensic search of Fardida’s home to find her DNA.

It also emerged that Gail Vella was onto corruption in the force.

And in a shock move Steve ended up in bed with Steph Corbett so he could search her house and find the money she was living off.

But before Steve could do anything with the information, he was summoned for a drugs test.

However it didn’t stop AC12 going after the man they thought was responsible for everything.

The evidence, and Kate’s chat with Joanne, led AC12 to arrest her boss DS Buckles.

But once he was hauled into AC12, Joanne went home to her fortified apartment.

However once at home, Joanne pulled out a laptop and opened it to a familiar chat page.

She seemingly revealed herself to be chatting to the corrupt cop at the centre of this.

And fans are just confused by what happened in the episode and are struggling to keep up.

One wrote: "He didn't see what happened to Lisa… didn't Kate see both of them together in the water when she looked out the window when driving down? #LineOfDuty"

A second said: "What is happening? #LineOfDuty"

Another added: "Watching #LineOfDuty and I’m so confused as to why time is moving quickly. Oh hell I’m confused anyway."

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