Outlander’s Lauren Lyle speaks on being ‘annoyed’ with Marsali costume

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As the season six finale of Outlander came to a major cliffhanger ending, fans eagerly await the show’s return to Starz. Ahead of the season seven premiere, Lauren Lyle spoke on the physical difficulties she faced portraying Marsali Fraser. 

Marsali Fraser was introduced to fans in season three as Laoghaire MacKenzie’s (played by Nell Hudson) daughter and Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) stepdaughter.

She later fell in love with Jamie’s adopted son Fergus Fraser (Cesar Domboy) and agreed to marry him and move to the Ridge. 

Jamie and Laoghaire had broken up following Claire’s return, even though 20 years had passed it was clear she and Jamie were still in love. 

Despite Laoghaire’s attempts, the two reunited and all moved away together with Marsali in tow.

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Although Marsali had reservations about Claire, based on what her mother told her, she came to learn Claire was a kind soul who wanted to help others. 

Therefore, she became Claire’s apprentice in her clinic and assisted her with medication and ailing patients. 

As the show was set in the 1700s the outfits were vastly different to what Claire would wear in the 1940s

When she travelled back to the past to reunite with Jamie, Claire made the corset and the Scottish dress to blend in with the 18th-century ideals. 

However, these costumes were a pain for Marsali star Lauren who found becoming an 18th-century woman challenging. 

Speaking on the major differences, Lauren admitted: “The corsets, as well. I get so annoyed with having to wear a corset all the time. 

“No wonder you get back problems and things from it, and you’re getting pain, and you do feel restricted. 

“And having to cover my shoulders up, I’d always get really annoyed about having to put bonnets on and cover my shoulders because why should we have to?”

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She continued: “So yes, there’s lots of feminist brain about me that didn’t like certain things. “But at the same time, I loved how accurately it was portrayed of the time and that that had to be how it is so that we really tell an accurate, authentic story,” Lauren said to Parade.com.

Although Marsali and Fergus were an admired couple, their lives took a dramatic turn when Fergus began working at Jamie’s wine business. 

There he began drinking heavily to soothe his fears about being able to protect his family. 


As the American Revolution was beginning, Fergus worried he wouldn’t be able to go to war with the other men as he only had one hand. 

His fears worsened during season five after Claire and a heavily pregnant Marsali were attacked and their baby Henri-Christian was born with dwarfism. 

The parents were shamed by the locals for the newborn’s disabilities, and the baby had also been kidnapped and placed in a basket in the river. 

With a stern wake-up call from Marsali, Fergus agreed to stop drinking and the young family relocated to River Run. 

Therefore, it’s yet to be seen if they will make an appearance in the upcoming seventh season.

Outlander seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Starz in the US and on LIONGATE+ in the UK

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