'The Young and the Restless': Summer and Flo Could Team Up to Take Sally Down

Soap opera fans can’t seem to get enough of the drama the soaps provide. Two of the most popular, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, have kept a huge following over the years with the crossover of characters between the sister shows. The most recent B&B to Y&R crossover has fans hooked.

Sally Spectra provided unexpected twists to The Bold and the Beautiful storylines, and her drama has followed her as she meets the Genoa City group on her appearance on The Young and the Restless

Sally’s recent drama

Portrayed by Courtney Hope, Sally Spectra is a soap opera character known for drama and manipulation. While daytime show fans are now following along Sally’s journey in a new town after a jump over to The Young and the Restless, many believe she will resort back to her old ways to get what she wants.

Here is a quick recap of Sally’s past drama on Y&R‘s sister show, The Bold and the Beautiful, which led to her departure. 

Heartbreak was a regular occurrence for Sally, but being dumped by Wyatt Spencer was the last straw. Wyatt broke up with Sally after his high school sweetheart, Flo Fulton, came back into his life. This devastated Sally so much that she came up with a plan to win Wyatt back by convincing him she was dying of a terminal illness.

After her scheming plan fell apart, she quickly went to a plan B, which consisted of Flo’s kidnapping while she plotted to get knocked up by Wyatt.

The wild story ended after Sally had a panic attack that sent her to the hospital. She showed remorse for losing control and decided to leave LA with the hope of a fresh start.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Summer and Sally 

Recently leaving The Bold and the Beautiful for sister show, The Young and the Restless, Sally is bringing her scheming ways to Genoa City. While she was hoping to make a fresh start, she quickly sparked the suspicions of Summer Newman, portrayed by award-winning actress, Hunter King.

Summer is passionate about her career and does not have a drama-free past, so the similarities between her and Sally may be an underlying cause of their tension.  

On the other hand, Summer knew the reason behind Sally’s move to Genoa City was to score the top position at Jabot. Working in the boardroom, Summer was the first to greet Sally when she came to Jabot to meet with Lauren Fenmore Baldwin.

The two left to grab coffee while Lauren finished her other meeting. At the coffee shop, they ran into one of Sally’s old acquaintances, Theo Vanderway. Summer warned Sally of getting involved with Theo, but she brushed off the warning with her confidence in handling the situation.

After Summer accepted Lauren’s offer of the position as president of JVC, the tension only rose between the blonde and the redhead since it was the position Sally came into town to snag. 

Revenge on Sally 

Since Summer and Sally did not get off on the right foot from the beginning, she is searching for a way to prove to everyone Sally’s true colors. As Sally’s past rival, Flo Fulton will jump on the chance to team up with Summer to get revenge on Sally. 

While Summer is determined to get the dirt on Sally, sources believe her plan will backfire. Since Summer will receive much of the information about Sally’s past in LA from Flo, it will be easy for Sally to convince the Genoa City crowd that she was the victim in the situation.

Although Summer may successfully convince Lauren about her devious ways, Jack may feel as Sally deserves her fresh start. The unlucky in love backstory could also lead to sparking a romance between Sally and Jack Abbott.  

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