Putin claims he could wipe out Ukraine’s entire military in just 50 MINUTES as Russia blasts UK for supporting Kiev

RUSSIA could wipe out Ukraine's entire military in just 50 minutes, Vladimir Putin has claimed.

The threat came as the Kremlin blasted the UK for supporting Ukraine and supplying it with arms as fears of an Russian invasion mount.

Russian media reported that the country's deadly Black Sea Fleet and troops in Crimea could "neutralise the Ukrainian Armed Forces in between 50 and 600 minutes" if it felt it was about to be attacked.

Glavmedia Telegram cited a "high-ranking source" who told them "in the event of a Ukrainian attack on Crimea or other Russian territories, the Black Sea Fleet will completely neutralise all enemy warships and coastal military infrastructure."

This would include military bases, radio-electronic and air defences, artillery and airfields.

It continued: "A 'no-access bubble' has been deployed for such a task in Crimea, and all naval, air, artillery and missile and other assets – including airborne, tank, special and marines units – are available on the peninsula, and off Novorossiysk."

The chilling threat comes amid concerns over Russia's troops reportedly massing on Ukraine’s border sparking fears of all-out invasion.

The expert in the news report denied Russia would act first but would respond "reactively" to a perceived attack. 

It also comes as Moscow has accused London of destabilising the region by agreeing to supply Kiev with arms. 

Russia issued a strong attack on an agreement between UK defence minister Ben Wallace and his Ukrainian opposite number Oleksii Reznikov to sell warships and missiles. 

Britain insisted it had "no desire to be adversarial, or seek in any way to strategically encircle or undermine the Russian Federation", but Moscow slammed the deal. 

"We regard this fact as yet another practical proof of the build-up of British military activity in countries that are bordering Russia, in particular Ukraine," said Zakharova. 

Britain's decision to conclude such an agreement was a "factor of instability and undermines the situation on the European continent".

Claiming Britain was jeopardising "regional security", she warned that Russia is "forced to take such circumstances into account and take adequate measures".

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov claimed that Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky was seeking to provoke military incidents in order to win help from the West. 

His government was "inflating all kinds of horror stories, including that of a Russian threat," said the veteran foreign minister. 

"They are turning to Berlin and Paris with calls for protection.

"They are appealing to Nato to send troops to defend a free, democratic Ukraine and are in talks with the British to set up some naval bases and much more."

It comes as Moscow revealed it will complete forming a new air assault grouping in Crimea by next month. 

In 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea, and backed pro-Moscow rebels in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the US warned that Moscow could attain all its military objectives in Ukraine in three to five days. 

Tensions between the West and Russia are already at "boiling point" after Putin's regime was accused of stoking the unfolding migrant crisis between Belarus and Poland and even sent nuclear bombers into the area.

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