Who is Kaitlyn Saunders and what was her Black Lives Matter skate routine?

LITTLE Kaitlyn Saunders will perform a skating routine to Andra Day's Rise Up at Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, DC, on Inauguration Day.

The festivities are taking place as Joe Biden becomes the nation's 46th president.

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Who is Kaitlyn Saunders?

A video of Saunders skating on Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington went viral in 2020, according to NBC in Washington.

"It was just amazing that I could skate at a place that's historic, where thousands of people protested and tried to change the world," the 9-year-old Saunders told the news outlet at the time.

What was her skating routine during inauguration festivities?

Biden's virtual parade includes Saunders performing a skating routine to Rise Up while Day performs in front of the Black Lives Matter mural on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, according to Axios.

Kaitlyn made up her own routine to Rise Up last year.

"I'm so proud she was able to express herself in this way," mom Katrice Saunders told NBC.

"It's wonderful to see all the hearts touched and support on social media.

"I think it's amazing how people can change the world by doing such little things like making a skating routine."

Coach Joel Savary launched Diversify Ice so young skaters such as Kaitlyn can develop on the ice.

"I definitely think it's important that skaters like Kaitlyn are able to be seen," Savary told NBC last year.

"So many skaters of minority backgrounds are not given the resources to be successful."

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