8 Exercises to Keep Your Ankles Strong

Before you get ready for a big lower body workout, make sure you can be steady on your feet underneath you. Weak and wobbly ankles are an easy precursor to many different types of injuries. To avoid many different types of injuries that occur while on your feet, try throwing some proprioception training in with […]

The Best Red Carpet Hair and Makeup Moments Ever

A vast majority of red carpet beauty looks are pretty—and nothing more. They’re some safe combination of classic updo or glossy waves, glowing skin, and maybe a nude or pink lip. But the stars ahead took major hair and makeup risks and with it came a big reward—a spot on our list of the most […]

Which Carry Will Build Muscle Where You Want It?

You’ve been there before. You pick up a bag of groceries and figure you can walk them from your car to your house pretty easily. Thing is, when you put the groceries down in your house, you’re tired. Why? Because you just did a tougher workout than you expected. You accidentally did an exercise called […]

Am I Too Old For This Sh*t?

As I lie on the driveway between my front stairs and the quarter pipe my nine-year-old son, Fritz, and I built last year, replays of my greatest hits of skateboarding over the past 30 years flash before my eyes. Back when I was 20, at what you might call “peak skate,” I could lay out […]

Victoria Beckham announces new beauty line

Is this what we want, what we really, really want? Victoria Beckham, fashion designer and former Spice Girl, has announced plans to launch her own beauty brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty. Victoria Beckham continues to build her brand, launching a beauty collection later this year. Credit:Doug Peters Beckham announced the launch on Instagram on Thursday, writing to […]