Chelsea Handler Sets First Stand Up Comedy Special in 6 Years

Chelsea Handler is returning to stand up after years away from the comedy artform!

She just booked her first special since Netflix‘s Uganda Be Kidding Me: Live in 2014.

This time, she’ll perform a special for HBO Max and will feature new and original material. She’ll specifically discuss “family, friendships and her first foray into therapy and reflections on her journey toward self-awareness with the help of her reliable companion, cannabis.”

In a statement to THR, Chelsea said, “I didn’t want to return to stand-up until I had something important to say. I do now. I’m absolutely delighted to be doing this with HBO Max and always excited to be reunited with Bob Greenblatt. One of the only executives I can never have sex with.”

The same year her Netflix special was released, Chelsea revealed some shocking information about her comedy career.

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