Andy Robertson promises standing ovation to Man Utd star Marcus Rashford at Anfield because of charity work

ANDY ROBERTSON has urged Liverpool fans to give Marcus Rashford a STANDING OVATION when he plays at Anfield – for all his charity work.

The Liverpool No26 was full of praise for club rival Rash and the Scot believes that the forward would get a superb reception from the Kop after providing free meals for so many in need.

In an interview with The Times, Robertson said: "The two words that everyone’s saying [during the pandemic] are ‘Marcus Rashford’.

"He made politicians overturn the decision [not to extend free school meals] because he wanted every kid to get fed. What he’s done was amazing, outstanding.

"Once the fans are back in, Marcus Rashford could be the first Man United player to get a standing ovation here.

"He’d definitely deserve it because thousands of families are getting fed now.”

Rashford, 22, put pressure on the Government forcing a U-turn which meant they would continue to fund the scheme which saw poorer families provided with £15 a week free school meals voucher.

Alongside forcing Boris Johnson's Government into reversing the decision to cut the school meals funding, Rashford also helped raise £20million to feed children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Once it's safe for football fans to return, Marcus Rashford may very well get a standing ovation around the grounds for his work.

Footballers, despite the charity work, came under fire from members of Government which sparked outrage across the country.

Health secretary Matt Hancock received criticism for his comments saying that footballers should do more.

Robertson, much like many others, didn't take to kindly to the health secretary's comments: "Yes, of course I was annoyed. What he said, he’d regret now. 

"Hendo [Jordan Henderson] and all the captains set up that big fund for the NHS, and raised millions.

"We’ve been attacked but we’ve shown we’re a profession that gives back to the community. But it’s never sat well for me footballers getting called heroes.

"The NHS said, ‘OK, we’re going to fight this virus, we’re going to stand up for our country.’ They’re the real heroes.”


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