MoviePass Is Still Alive, Announces New 2019 Plans and Location-Based Pricing

Just when you thought MoviePass was down and out for the count, here comes CEO Mitch Lowe with brand new changes for the service. MoviePass is remodeling once again for the new year and has announced a three-tier pricing system for 2019. The new model will cost users anywhere from $9.95 to $24.95 a month to see a total of 36 movies a year. Subscribers can see three films per month.

The biggest change to MoviePass is a location-based pricing system that will make the service more expensive for moviegoers in high demand cities such as New York and Los Angeles. While MoviePass is offering three different plans, each one will be set at a price depending on where you live. The most basic plan, for instance, will still cost more in New York and Los Angeles then in smaller cities.

The “select plan” is designed as MoviePass’ entry level offering. The plan costs anywhere from $9.95 to $14.95 depending on the location zone and offers a subscriber three 2D movies a month. Additionally, films on the “select plan” are not available on MoviePass during their opening weekends. The “all access plan” is priced between $14.95 and $19.95 per month and includes three 2D each month at any point during their run, including opening weekend.

The most expensive tier is the “red carpet plan,” which starts at $19.95 a month and tops out at $24.95. This plan is identical to the “select plan,” only it allows one of the three movies each month to be in a premium format such as 3D or IMAX. The new pricing options take effect January 1. Current subscribers can remain on their existing plan if they chose.

“Change is necessary. We won the hearts of millions of moviegoers, now we need to win back their confidence,” Lowe said. “We realized that the past year brought our subscribers many modifications and even some surprises, some of which weren’t well-received; but we listened, we reassessed, and we believe we are primed to offer the American consumer the absolute best offering across America in 2019 and beyond.”

MoviePass has remained mostly quiet this fall following a headline-making summer full of financial woes and changing service plans. The company announced in July it was raising its monthly price to $14.95 and limiting first-run movies, only to fall back to its original $9.95 monthly fee and allow moviegoers to see three films each month. When MoviePass first started, it offered subscribers one film a day.

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