Benidorm mum sends live sex show pics to ‘pals’…but it goes to under-sevens footie team by mistake – The Sun

A MUM partying in Benidorm tried to send a snap of a live sex show to mates on WhatApp — but instead delivered it to a group for an under-7s football team.

Samantha Dyson, 37, sent it at 1.16am and carried on having fun with friends unaware of her gaffe.

It was only when she got up the next morning and saw a message from her husband that she realised what she had done.

James, at home in Rothwell, Leeds, posted: “We all know that you are in Benidorm Sam, but I don’t think these pictures are appropriate for an under 7s football team group.

“Wrong group perhaps? Please can you delete them?”

Horrified Samantha replied: “I’m so sorry everyone obviously the wrong group. I have deleted the pictures but you will probably need to do it as well.”

However another member of the group took a screenshot first and it went viral on social media.


According to her LinkedIn page, Samantha works in global procurement for a cosmetics firm.

A source said: “She was absolutely mortified when she realised what had happened.

“Anyone who gets up after a heavy night out in Benidorm might be apprehensive about what happened the night before — and her fears were realised when she saw the message asking her to delete the photos.

“She deleted them straightaway but not before someone else in the group took a screenshot which inevitably found its way on to social media.

“Sam has two young boys herself so she couldn’t be more embarrassed.”

Last night she refused to comment while James said: “It was a mistake.”

Rothwell Town Under 7s also declined to comment.

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