Couple who lost engagement ring in Times Square utility grate will get sparkler back

This ending has a nice ring to it!

The newly-betrothed couple who turned to the NYPD for help when her engagement ring fell into a Times Square utility grate Friday night has been identified — and will soon have the sparkler back in hand.

Groom-to-be John Drennan, of the United Kingdom, proposed to his girlfriend earlier in the evening in Central Park, only to have their happiest moment turn into a nightmare when the ring slipped as they were walking and clanked between the grate in the Crossroads of the World.

“[I] spent ages trying to find [it] and police stopped me from physically climbing down the drain,” he wrote. “So so happy to have ring back!”

Sympathetic cops tried to fish the ring out of the grate Friday night, but the devastated couple eventually gave up and left before the officers could get their names.

The cops returned Saturday morning to try with daylight on their side, and found the ring — only now Drennan and his bride-to-be, who hasn’t been publicly named, were nowhere to be found.

The NYPD blasted out the tale on social media hoping to track down the couple to give them the good news, and on Sunday Drennan, already back in the UK, reached out to the Crimestoppers hotline.

The officers who helped search for the ring confirmed that Drennan was their man through a photograph, and arrangements are being made to ship the ring back to the lucky pair, police sources said.

“Thought [the ring] was lost forever!” Drennan said in one tweet.

“Delighted you guys have went above & beyond!” he said in another one, directed to the NYPD. “Thank you!”

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